CST1794 Introduction to Programming


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Python: Visual QuickStart Guide 3rd Edition

Required Text:
Python: Visual QuickStart Guide
3rd Edition
Credits: 3

Prerequisites: None

Department: Computer Systems Technology

Instructor: Allen Benusa
Phone: 320-234-8547 Office 327D
E-mail: allen.benusa@ridgewater.edu

This course is designed to introduce the student to the principles and techniques involved in programming. In the process of teaching programming principles, the student will be taught structured programming approaches. Students will be introduced to computer related math, number systems, and logic to provide foundations for later programming principles. Students will be taught the fundamentals of I/O programming, looping, functions, and will be introduced to data structure related concepts. Students will be exposed to the processing of disk files. Upon completion of this course the student should be prepared to write basic code and should have the foundations for further learning as it relates to programming.